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You can send your CV to us in several ways.
  • Preferred Method:- email it as an attached document in Microsoft WORD format (any version). If you do not know how to send attached documents from your email application see its appropriate help page.
  • If you are unable to email your CV, you can either post a copy or if possible forward a 3.5" disk containing your CV to our head office. See the Contact Information Page for our Head Office address.
    Exclaim Unfortunately, we are unable to register faxed CV's due to poor reproduction quality.

It costs you nothing to register with Sure Employment. You do not pay us a fee at any time. If you start 'temping', no fee for Sure Employment is deducted from your wages.

ExclaimThe majority of our clients and jobs are Sussex, England based and as such we can only register applicants who are able to attend interviews in Sussex at short notice. The majority of our clients do not pay interview expenses so attending interviews is at the applicant's own expense.

Together with your CV you should include a covering letter containing as much information as possible about what you are looking for, together with your Salary Requirements.

Curriculum Vitae Guidelines
  • Keep your CV short. Two or three pages are sufficient. CV's which are over several pages in length are too long - they will not be read by clients!
  • Try to avoid using boxes, borders, fancy or small fonts, italics or coloured paper - these will cause problems if your CV is photocopied or scanned. A simple, well thought out and presented CV on plain white paper in a good size font is ideal. Try to use laser printing - dot matrix, photocopies, faxes, or poor inkjet printing also causes problems.
  • Start your CV with a short profile of yourself. Give specific details of your achievements, current duties and past skills together with your aims and targets for the future. Keep this simple and to the point.
  • Try to avoid writing long sentences and paragraphs to detail your previous employment, qualifications and skills. List your key skills and experiences wherever possible as clients do not have the time to read through non-relevant details in order to extract your skills and abilities. Clients will only scan through your CV initially, so it is best to make the most important information stand out.
  • Ensure you list what office/administration skills you have and what specific software you have used.
  • List your previous employment and education in reverse chronological order (put your present or most recent position first). Make sure there are no gaps in your history since leaving school. Always put something in, even if you were unemployed or in education.

Registration Process

Please register with us using the registration form. Then send us your CV. When we are in receipt of your emailed or posted CV, we will assess your suitability for any positions currently registered with us. In some cases, a brief synopsis of your CV and a short consultant's profile will be marketed to our appropriate clients. Please note: to avoid any potential embarrassment and problems, we ensure that none of your personal details or current position details are included in our marketing. Please make a note on your covering letter (or email) if you wish to be omitted from our marketing, or if there are certain companies who you do not want you details forwarded to.


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